Our practice, due to its skilled team, history and experience, is in the position to offer a full spectrum of legal services: civil, family, labour, commercial, companies, criminal and administrative law, are all areas within which we operate or have close relationships with specialists with expert knowledge. We proceed on an ad hoc basis as well as forging a more long-term relationship with our clients. The scope of services provided includes, inter alia, giving legal advice, developing of legal opinions, preparing lawsuits and other procedural documents, representing client interests before general and administrative courts, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Tribunal, the European Court of Human Rights, administrative and other bodies, including arbitration proceedings.

Due to the complexity and rules of the business and social environment in Poland, plus the overlapping of legal regulations, the scope of our business activity outlined above does not exhaust all areas of services provided. However, undoubtedly our core activities are cases regarding:

– complex handling of investment processes,
– production and trading law,
– restructuring,
– reprivatisation,
– related to CHF loans (cases for recognition of loan agreements as invalid or against borrowers initiated by banks).

Rychlicki Boroń Motyl also provides legal services for the development and expansion of companies in the building, or providing services related to real estate, including services for housing cooperatives. We represent our clients throughout Poland in court disputes, administrative proceedings and negotiations with contractors and creditors, as well as in bankruptcy reorganization and restructuring procedures. Disputes and other proceedings are frequently of high value.